The General Meeting of Shareholders

Xổ số Miền Nam hôm nay Minh ngọcThe General Meeting of Shareholders is the superior governance body of the Company and acts in compliance with the competence defined by the laws of the Russian Federation, the Charter of PJSC ALROSA, and the Regulations on the General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC ALROSA.

PJSC ALROSA ensures legal rights of shareholders, the primary of them being as follows:

Xổ số Miền Nam hôm nay Minh ngọcTo ensure these rights, the information about the Meeting of Shareholders is published not later than 20 days, and a notice about the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and a notice about the General Meeting of Shareholders, which agenda contains the item about the Company’s reorganization, not later than 30 days prior to the date of the Meeting, if the legislation of the Russian Federation does not stipulate the greater period, in the newspapers ‘Mirninsky Rabochy’, ‘Lensky Vestnik’, ‘Yakutia’, ‘Sakha Sire’, ‘Rossiyskaya Gazeta’. The information and materials to the Meeting of Shareholders is also posted on our website.

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